Valoma Luma Chalet


Following World War II and San Francisco blackouts, in 1948 Lucille and Marshal Hale found their mountain refuge for their three daughters.  Known soon after as Valoma Luma - Valerie Loralyn Marsha Lucille Marshal, the family settled in for their summers in Mariposa.  The three room "log cabin" and most of the furniture were built by hand over the previous eight years using materials logged from the surrounding woods, dynamite boxes, car parts and National Geographic Magazines.  This $8,000, 2 bedroom fully furnished house was soon expanded to meet the family's needs.  Charise was born in 1952 and the name expanded to include Chalet. 

The Ranch once included goats, chickens, pigs; but today houses horses and a few cows.  In the late 1940s the gravity flowed springs were ideal for wartime refuge, but today allow for constant fresh water.  The Ranch structure itself has changed little, however the old housing for the chickens is now a guest house & workshop, and  the former goat house is storage (but also once was a playroom where the girls could blast Elvis while parents played bridge in peace.)

Enjoyed by many today Valoma Luma Chalet remains a pillar of:

Family, Friends and Traditions.


The Ranch


To book time please email Byron and he will put it on the Calendar:

To Arrange for cleaning call or email Liz. Prices $90 for main house and $100 w/ Chicken House.  Please leave cash in the pen jar next to the phone.